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CAFE Meeting 05/17/23

Coalition Meeting Notes

In-Person at Goodwood Library

Needs and Offers Activity:

Need: Food Delivery Service > Asset Mapping > GGH has a map that looked a few years ago at the grocery stores and other services in the area

Need: GGH has a food hub that needs volunteers to help paint it on 2 Fridays in May

Need Education about SNAP needed > Foodbank has a SNAP coordinator education, applying, and tracking applications. DCFS also has a nutritional arm > Monica Brown

Federal Grant Applications > Coordinating together to make a checklist of needs that would

  • Mission-aligned groups to create a standard LOI, coalition group needs wishlist

  • Look @ fed grant applications for the wishlist

Offer (Chris Splatain) > Connect coalition to gyms

Need: Farm-associated events like bday parties for kids to learn/enjoy gardening

Need: Gardeners > Baton Rouge Garden Alliance:, LSU Ag center videos, school gardens access

Need: Food pantries with fresh food > Asset mapping > What is happening to food not picked?

Need: Meals on wheels > Pick up prepared dinner/lunch

  • 3 O’Clock Project

    • No kitchen that can cook the meals

    • EBR school deliveries

    • Summer camps include breakfast, snacks, lunch

Need: Mindset > Working to understand and untangle the work to actually unpack the barriers



Alexis Flowers (Ascent Project)

Chris Spalatin

Casey Phillips

Emily Chatelain

Helena Williams

Jan Ross - Wilson Foundation

Kelli Rogers (GGH)

Pepper Roussel - One Rouge

Rex Cabaniss

SK Groll

Sherreta Harrison

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