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CAFE Meeting 08/16/23

Coalition Meeting Notes

In-Person Meeting

Activity: Review goals and determine milestone content for the next 45 days or greater.

Goal: Promoting greater access to programs



  • DCFS is piloting a partnership with Code America to provide an app for SNAP applications

  • Their hope is pop up locations at multi-sites: libraries, community center

  • Looking at baseline data of who accesses support now vs. our goal

  • Studying communication systems between governmental programs (Ex: DCFS > Medicaid)

Monica Brown (DCFS)

  • Suggestion: DCFS have pop-ups at grocery stores

Christen Engle (YMCA)

  • Food Bank is focused on areas that are more rural to increase impact

Mike Manning (EBR Food Bank)

In 45 days

  • Create outcome of student study: 1) Flowchart of processes between application to other benefits 2) Understanding the reasons of that siloed breakdown

  • Identify students, set goals for their participation

Goal: Collaboration between organizations



  • Creating a culture beyond the stigma (especially for elderly)

    • Consider educating the youth so they can advocate to their elders

In 45 days

  • Creating framework document for the education of this opportunity

  • Looking at BRAYN becoming engaged in education of the stigma around food access (trainings for partners to help their cohorts understand/promote food access)

Goal: Teach to grow



  • Creating a start-up farmer’s document

    • Funding/Loans, Opportunities, Legal

    • Acknowledging land ownership barriers

Allie (BREADA) & SK (Baton Roots)

In 45 days

  • Meet together (BREADA/Baton Roots/GGH) to discuss what that document looks like and breakdown the steps/timeline

  • Farmer’s Bureau engagement? Farmer backyard/frontyard farming? LSU (Carl Motsenbocker/ask PTuck on recommendations/ Dr. Eubanks *later on*) and SU (Renetta Marshall/Stephanie Elwood) Ag centers, USDA (Beatra after IRA fundings, Robert Seeman, Quintala)

Parking Lots:

  • 9/21 Budget Project Conference > to share moral outrage for food insecurity

  • Discussed vertical farming, barriers are more than just facility, it is infrastructure. Example farm from another state (CT?) is having to close because it became a loss leader.

  • Culture > Emergency Distributions



Mike Manning (EBR Food Bank)

Christian Engle (YMCA)

Monica Brown (DCFS)


Allie (BREADA)

Donavan Johnson (BRCC)

SK Groll (Baton Roots)

Dean Andrews (Southern University)

Sherreta Harrison (MetroMorphosis)

Helena Williams (Walls)

Casey Phillips (Walls)

Pepper Roussel (Walls)

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