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E2C Meeting 01/23/24 (virtual)

E2C Aspirational Statement

Build a culture of quality instruction, lifelong learning, and equitable access to opportunity that makes success and prosperity inevitable

E2C Goals

  • Create a culture that values literacy and increases literacy rates.

  • Increase equitable access to safe learning spaces that encourage joy for learning at any level

  • Expand awareness and access to early childhood education

  • Increase opportunities for continuous learning

Coalition Meeting Notes


E2C Coalition Notes

Date: 1/23/24

Coalition Activity:

Re-orientation to where we left off in November 2023 to begin work in 2024. Important steps include definitions and ensuring we are in alignment on the goals' milestones and metric gathering.

Goal #1: Raising literacy rates > Defining Literacy



Literacy as reading comprehension.

Lynn Daigle

Understanding and communicating with the world.

Aimee Moles

Ongoing learning for personal or professional growth.


Fostering the mindset of continuous learning.

Elizabeth Beckham

Goal #2: School Buildings as Community Hubs



What are the activities/opportunities in school buildings as community hubs?

Casey Phillips 

Minimizing duplication with existing services like libraries.

Katie Pritchett 

Resident interest in continuous learning and life skills development.

Tia Fields 

Differentiate hubs (central collaboration) from incubators (nurturing ventures).

Inspiration Center concept mentioned for community learning and development.

Dean Donald Andrews

Goal #3: Early childhood education



We need more representatives from this sector

Casey Phillips

Goal #4

Continuous Education



Learning to support your community/children

Jesse Watson

Defining the “learner” audience: Holistic, New/“Encore” Career, Degree

Helena Williams 

As a resident, I would be interest in continuous learning both academically but also personally with life skills or the ability to learn something new regardless of my age or skill level.

Katie Pritchett

Action Items:

  1. Defining the types of community spaces at schools, finding working models in the Gulf South

  2. Defining Literacy

  3. Analysis of the learner

  4. Analysis and alignment of education > industry

  5. Find/Invite more representatives from Early Education to E2C


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