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E2C Quarterly In-Person Meeting 2/20/24

Building from the January monthly meeting, the E2C Coalition in-person convening on February 20th reviewed the collectively determined milestones by working group and created then assigned action items with due dates.

All of these tasks and contextual information was input on a tracker accessible to all coalition members. This will be the road map for each working group (Early Childhood, Literacy, Utilizing Schools As Hubs, and Continuous Learning & Workforce). Early childhood looked at the connection between services and the ability to partner with the Schools as Hubs working group. Coalition partners in the 'Literacy' workgroup designated next steps to capture baseline data, pulling from existing resources.

Once the baseline data is reviewable, the group will be able to assess the gaps. Schools as Hubs continued to refine the strategy on how to make this effort possible, leaning in on existing examples in other cities. Continuous Learning & Workforce determined to perform a SWOT analysis to align the pipeline between education to career. Additionally, a meeting held after this convening looked to align the Student Summer Internship programs that exist under different agencies.

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