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Strengthening Baton Rouge: OneRouge Coalitions and Mayor-President Weston Broome Unite for Community Transformation

Over the past year, the OneRouge Coalitions and the City of Baton Rouge with Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome have collaborated tirelessly to fortify the educational, economic, and social structures within Baton Rouge communities. This partnership underscores Mayor-President Weston Broome’s commitment to addressing the city’s challenges and positioning Baton Rouge for a prosperous future for all its residents.

The mission of OneRouge is to foster an inclusive community culture that leads to equitable opportunities for everyone. By uniting individuals and organizations under the banner of Collective Impact 3.0, OneRouge aims to disrupt the drivers and conditions of poverty, thus providing reasonable access to economic and social opportunities for all citizens.

Key initiatives such as Safe Hopeful Healthy (SHH) amplify the voices of those experiencing inequity, ensuring their representation in ongoing efforts. This synergy offers the potential for lasting impact beyond any single term of elective office. OneRouge’s collective impact framework is a deliberate approach to achieving deep, systemic change, guided by the philosophy to “act like an organization but think like a movement.”

The Collective Impact 3.0 process, while extensive, results in a long-term, systemic, and consensus-inspired change. Investment in this collective action, particularly focused on Mayor-Presdent Weston Broome’s Five Pathways to Progress, promises a positive ripple effect across various community sectors. With the city's support, OneRouge Coalitions can address public safety and community health issues, ensuring that public services achieve their full potential for individuals and the community at large.

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