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Transportation and Mobility Coalition Launched!

Leaders in transportation meet to discuss the new coalition

On May 25th, the inaugural meeting began the first step forward for the Transportation & Mobility Coalition. The Transportation & Social Mobility (T&M) Coalition is focused on increasing access to safe and reliable methods of mobility. From comfortable and accessible walkable cities to commute times and costs, transportation is a critical component of a thriving life and economy. Many groups are connected to the work of transportation, but often in silos.

The co-chairs for Transportation & Mobility are Cheri Soileau from CATS and Tina Ufford from BikeBR. Before the launch, Reverand Alexis Anderson also was instrumental in the formation of the coalition.

Transportation & Mobility Aspirational statement

Inclusive, accessible, and progressive mobility options for the present and future of our entire community.

This aspirational statement works to unite the coalition to a common north star. With Collective Impact 3.0, the coalition will work cross-sector between nonprofit, government, and private sectors to address the needs and opportunities for safe and accessible modes of movement.

Transportation & Mobility Goals

  • Community assets are consistently mapped and aligned to increase mobility.

  • Barriers to mobility are regularly considered and addressed timely.

  • Planning and funding structures impacting community mobility work in coordination with one another to increase overall mobility for all.

  • Emerging and proven practices in mobility appropriate for BatonRouge are embraced and executed.

With the goals, four working groups are formed: Assets, Barriers, Funding, Practices

Sign up for future coalition meetings or other coalitions in OneRouge, click here.

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