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Capital Area Food Equity (CAFE) Coalition

Coalition Aspirational Statement

Decrease the number of individuals in the Capital Region experiencing food insecurity

Coalition Goals
  1. Ensure individuals have sustainable and equitable access to 3 healthy meals a day, every day. 

  2. Promote greater utilization and access to existing feeding programs; SNAP; ensure people who are eligible are registered to purchase necessary healthy food.  

  3. Promote collaboration across organizations and working groups within CAFE and OneRouge to move the needle on lasting and meaningful systems change.

  4. Teach to grow by providing opportunities for local, sustainable food production; promote economic development of food production and sales at all levels.

Fresh Produce


  • CAFE Coalition Monthly Meeting
    CAFE Coalition Monthly Meeting
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Jul 24
    Jul 24, 2024, 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM
    Join the Capital Area Food Equity (CAFE) Coalition Monthly meeting to sit at the metaphorical table of changing food access for everyone in the Capital Region.

CAFE Resources

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