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CAFE Quarterly Meeting 05/22/24 (in-person)

Coalition Meeting Notes

In-person at River Center Branch Library 5/22/2024

Topic: Working Groups to review goals, set milestones, and action items for the next 90+ days.

Our May CAFÉ quarterly in-person meeting was able to review action items completed since the last February in-person meeting.

In the ‘Access to Existing Feeding Programs’ working group, Summer Feeding is in full swing, and officially began on 5/28/24. Dr. Nichola Hall reviewed EBRPSS Child Nutrition's success in obtaining 104 feeding sites (schools and outside partners).

A new map to find all the Summer Feeding Sites can be found on the updated Healthy BR website. CAFÉ is implementing processes to collect other service information to be listed on this interactive map for future reference.

Additionally, CAFÉ reviewed and discussed the SNAP Summer EBT (SUN Bucks) process. With a DCFS representative there, we got clarity on the timeline and what this will entail for families. $120 per child is going to be issued on SNAP cards in phases over the summer. June 1 - families already approved for SNAP will receive the funds. July 1 - families with children on Medicaid or TANF will receive the funds. July - August, families who need to apply for SNAP will be able to do so. DCFS estimates processing the applications before the end of summer so they will receive the funds in time.

Goals were set for the new quarter to examine how to implement similar success in the upcoming Winter Break and weekend meals that are critical for a child's continued nutritional health. Additionally, we discussed whether educators can have access to healthy meals, considering their current income levels.

In ‘Teach to Grow’ working group, there was a discussion of pathways for growing “hobbyists” vs. “farmers”. Hobbyists, with home gardens focused on feeding oneself, require education, small land, and supply access, while farmers require more substantial business training, larger land access, and capital to have the appropriate equipment to own and operate a farm. CAFÉ would like to support and amplify pathways being worked on by other groups like BREADA and HealthyBR for both cohorts.

To review the working group action items, please click here.

Click the image below to visit the CAFE Work Group webpage.



Promote Access to Feeding Working Group

Teach to Grow Working Group

Nichola Hall (EBRPSS) Jan Ross (Wilson Foundation)

Helena Williams (Walls Project) Kimilia Taylor (DCFS) Jan Moller (Invest in Louisiana) Casey Phillips (Walls Project) Chris Spalatin (BRAC) Ann Riche (Walls Project) Tia Fields (Walls Project) Rex Cabaniss (WHLC Architecture)

Carl Motsenbocker (LSU)

Pepper Roussel (One Rouge)

SK Groll (Baton Roots)

Sherreta Harrison (MetroMorphosis) Kina Reed Kelli Rogers (Healthy BR) Allie Schleter (BREADA)

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