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A New Era for Baton Rouge Public Transit: $4 Million North Transit Center Begins to Take Shape

Baton Rouge is on the cusp of a transformative development with the introduction of a $4 million transit center that promises to bridge North and South Baton Rouge. This groundbreaking project is set to revolutionize public transportation in the capital area.

State and local officials have emphasized the significant impact this facility will have. The North Transit Center will host Baton Rouge’s first bus rapid transit (BRT) system, providing passengers with faster and more reliable transportation options.

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome highlighted the importance of this project during the groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday.

“This indeed is a significant milestone for our city’s public transportation system,” Broome stated. “This project represents a new beginning, a new era of public transportation for Baton Rouge. We’re making our citizens and giving them the ability to be more connected, accessible, and it contributes to the vibrancy of our city.”

The North Transit Center will connect key areas within Baton Rouge, linking the Plank Road corridor in North Baton Rouge with Mid-City, the Downtown Business District, and the Nicholson corridor to the south. Broome emphasized the project's role in improving the lives of passengers, noting, “This new bus stop will pick up passengers every 20 minutes. It’s going to have real-time arrival announcements, kiosks for ticket purchases, and clean electric buses with Wi-Fi.”

Theo Richards, CEO of Capital Area Transit System, added insights into the hub’s impact. “Through the BRT, you’ll be able to take one bus along a nine-mile corridor linking North and South Baton Rouge. It’s going to be all-electric, featuring clean vehicles and station improvements along the route, including renovations to Plank Road.”

The North Transit Center is expected to start service by October 2025, marking a significant step forward for Baton Rouge’s public transportation.

In addition to this development, the Transportation & Mobility Coalition with OneRouge is playing a role in ensuring that the transit center integrates seamlessly with the broader transportation network of Baton Rouge. OneRouge's mission to enhance connectivity and mobility across the region aligns perfectly with the goals of the new transit center, fostering a more accessible and vibrant community.

For more information on the project, visit here.

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