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T&M Quarterly Meeting 05/23/24 (in-person)

Coalition Meeting Notes

In-person at River Center Branch Library 5/23/2024

This month's report summarizes the key takeaways from the Transportation & Mobility Coalition's quarterly meeting, focusing on setting the groundwork for impactful initiatives. We leveraged the Collective Impact 3.0 framework and conducted a SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to our mission.

Key Accomplishments:

Framework Established: The coalition re-adopted the Collective Impact 3.0 framework to guide our collaborative efforts towards achieving lasting change in transportation and mobility within Baton Rouge.

SWOT Analysis Completed: A comprehensive SWOT analysis was conducted to assess our internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats.

Actionable Initiatives:

Based on the SWOT analysis, we identified several key areas for action:

Public Awareness:Weakness: Limited public awareness of the coalition's work.

SMART Goal: Increase website traffic by 20% within 3 months.

Strategy: Develop a public awareness campaign to highlight coalition initiatives.

Collaboration & Advocacy: Strength: Strong network of transportation stakeholders.

Opportunity: Potential for collaboration with government agencies.

SMART Goal: Increase ridership on public transportation by 15% within one year by tracking data of a microtransit program with the Baton Rouge Department of Transportation in a currently underserved community.

Strength: Collaborative Approach.

SMART Goal: Formulate and submit 5 policy recommendations by year-end.

Funding & Sustainability:Threat: Potential funding cuts for public transportation.

SMART Goal: Secure 3 new funding sources within 6 months.

Policy & Regulations:Threat: Changes in transportation regulations may impact project feasibility.

SMART Goal: Establish a policy watch team to monitor and respond to legislative changes within 1 month.

Looking Forward:

The coming months will be crucial in implementing these initiatives. We will focus on developing and launching the public awareness campaign, establishing the policy watch team, and initiating conversations with the Baton Rouge Department of Transportation regarding the microtransit program.

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