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CAFE Meeting 01/24/24 (virtual)

Coalition Meeting Notes

Virtual on Zoom

Topic: Promote greater utilization and access to existing feeding programs

Discussion: 2024 SUMMER EBT

How we got here: 

  1. Pandemic related EAs (Emergency Allotments) for SNAP expired in 2023

  2. A transitional administration did not decline to participate, but simply delayed the decision of the USDA Summer EBT program (notification of opting in was due January 1, 2024) 

What does 2024 Summer EBT cover? What is the impact?

  1. Low-income families in participating states will receive $40 each month for each eligible school-aged child, up to $120, to buy groceries beginning in the summer of 2024. The cash will come via electronic benefit transfer, often called EBT, and will be added to food assistance debit cards.

  2. 594,000 LA (234,000 BR) children would qualify to receive Summer EBT in 2024.

  3. Louisiana could expect an economic impact of $106,920,000 - $128,304,000 from Summer EBT benefits in summer 2024.

What can we do? 

  1. Louisiana has until February 15, 2024 to submit a management and administration plan to USDA

  2. We can:

  3. Educate leaders on the importance of this access

    1. Click here for the EveryAction Form for Brumley

    2. Click here for the Save the Children Petition

  4. Share the education of this issue to our contacts (Power mapping activity)

  5. Prepare for next steps if not passed

  6. Share the education of this issue to our contacts (Power mapping activity)

  7. Prepare for next steps if not passed

  • Power mapping Leadership to Follow Up with

  • Who can help share this campaign? 

  • Who has a strong voice to uplift this issue?

  • Links to LA Representatives

  • Social media awareness campaign 

  • The Walls Project via OneRouge CAFE is sharing  a series of graphics and links to educate about the upcoming change in the Summer Feeding Program 

  • Educate the general public about the need for feeding programs, what Summer EBT would do if opted into, and the urgency of the matter



Alexis Flowers (Ascent Project)

Chris Spalatin

Casey Phillips

Emily Chatelain

Helena Williams

Jan Ross - Wilson Foundation

Kelli Rogers (GGH)

Pepper Roussel - One Rouge

Rex Cabaniss

SK Groll

Sherreta Harrison

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