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CAFE Quarterly Meeting 02/21/24 (in-person)

Coalition Meeting Notes

In-person at River Center Branch Library 2/21/2024

Topic: Working Groups to review goals, set milestones, and action items for the next 90+ days.

Our February CAFE meeting focused on expanding the planning around Summer Feeding, acknowledging the governor’s opting out of the Summer EBT program by the USDA.

During this meeting, we discussed the Summer Feeding planning for youth by the EBRPSS. This includes expanding site locations for summer feeding, M-F. Also discussed is their desire to do supper and weekend feeding. Organizations at the table included DCFS, BR General, EBRPSS, Invest Louisiana (formally Louisiana Budget Project) and Huey & Angelina Wilson Foundation.

Through the action items, the group will be able to have the list of current feeding sites for 2024 and be able to network with other sites to encourage them to apply. Additionally discussed was the opportunity for non-youth specific feeding to bolt on, to ensure that adults in connection with the youth have access to hot meals as well.

To review the working group action items, please click here.

Click the image below to visit the CAFE Work Group webpage.



Promote Access to Feeding Working Group

Teach to Grow Working Group

Nichola Hall (EBRPSS) Jan Ross (Wilson Foundation)

Helena Williams (Walls Project) Joe Voiselle (BR General) Kimilia Taylor (DCFS) Marilyn Martin (DCFS) Jamie Carson (Invest in Louisiana) Tracie Ingram Chris Spalatin (BRAC)

Casey Phillips (Walls Project)

Pepper Roussel (One Rouge)

SK Groll (Baton Roots)

Sherreta Harrison (MetroMorphosis) Kina Reed Allie Schleter (BREADA)

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