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E2C Meeting 08/15/23

Coalition Meeting Notes

Executive Summary:

After a successful launch in April, the Education to Career Coalition (E2C) continues to build community power together. Cross-sector leaders from across the Capital Region came together to work on strengthening the continuum of education and workforce. From early childhood education to career and professional development, the coalition began building milestones and metrics around each of the coalitions’ four goals.

Whether you were able to attend in-person quarterly meetings, or have contributed during the monthly Zoom sessions please review the community input below on Goals #1-3.

Make notes on where you agree, disagree, or feel that there are gaps in order to advance the work together. During our September Zoom meeting (calendar invite to follow) we will do the same activity for Goal #4 and begin building metrics around all the goals. This work will continue into October until completion so that in November we can break into our workgroups in person around mutually agreed-upon Goals, Milestones, and Metrics.

On behalf of co-chairs Adonnica Pelichet Duggan, Dustin LaFont, Tonnisha Ellis, and Trey Godfrey we would like to thank you for the dedication to this collective impact work to build a culture of quality instruction, lifelong learning, and equitable access to opportunity that makes success and prosperity inevitable.


E2C Coalition Notes

Meeting: # 3


E2C Working Group

Coalition Activity:

Discuss what can be accomplished in 45 days & into 2024 for each goal.

Voices from the Coalition - Whiteboard Notes:

Goal #1: Raising literacy rates CommentHelping Parents as well as kids

  • Students have to be able to access to literacy resources & have equal opportunity

  • Resources:

    • EBR Libraries,

    • Family Road Parent Academy

    • F.O.A.M Parent Academy

    • Line 4 Line

    • Adult Education/LCTCS

    • Community Book Centers / Little Libraries

  • Representation in the storyteller is important part of the story of success

    • Inviting diverse voices to read and share reading

    • Black-owned bookstores

  • Science of Reading (phonics vs. word memorization)

  • Celebrating Literacy as much as sports

    • Practicing, being consistent

  • Teaching the power of discernment

  • Read-aloud programs - Word Recognition

  • Create Literacy Agency

  • Finding what children already enjoy to inspire literacy

  • Digital connection to literacy

    • Bring in the digital aspect to bridge literacy

  • Continuous growth

    • Using people as examples to show advancement

  • Two Generational Approach (student & guardians)

  • Meet people where they are

  • Literacy is fluid and achieved by different styles of learning

  • Goal is continuous growth

Goal #2: School Buildings as Community Hubs Comment

  • EBRPSS leadership at the table to break down the barriers to access to these buildings

  • Partnering with Community Colleges to deliver multi-generational training include HISET

  • Partnering with community colleges for the HISET

  • Partnership issues - understanding the barriers to accessing the space

    • Staffing afterhours

  • Games for learning, gamify spaces for learning

  • Create Hot Spots of internet access across campuses

  • Make access to resources at these buildings affordable and easily understood

  • Leverage networks like OneRouge and BRAYNE

  • Introduce new career opportunities outside of the school day, incubate new ides and transform these buildings into centers of innovation

  • Important to create spaces that are visually attractive to young people and welcoming to multi-generational community members

  • Remember, you don’t have to be artistic to thrive in a creative environment

  • Ideas for Hub Use: Adult & elder care, facilities with healthcare clinics on campus, community kitchens (not just warming station kitchens) to push out fresh food into the communities

  • Need to increase access to early childhood education (Birth to 4 years old)

  • Ready Start Network plan needs to be added to our aggregated data

  • This is a big piece of the equation to take a comprehensive approach for the entire continuum from cradle to encore career

  • YMCA shared spaces

  • Consider training more parents in Education to be certified as Teacher Assistants (Florida Personel Structure)

  • Mentorship both for youth and adults is key in success

Goal #3: Early childhood education Comment

  • Birth - 4 years old

  • Ready Start network to understand the barriers

  • Stats: 30,000 kids under 5; 5,500 “at risk” are served

  • Comprehensive approach to housing, food

  • Treating staff as educators and not as babysitters

  • Using empty schools as places for childcare (microcenters)

  • Success: 100% of children from pre-natal - 4 years old receive access to comprehensive wrap-around services

  • Microcenters (costs 20 kids = $100,000)

  • There are early childhood education fund - if we have local dollars to serve X amount of children

  • There is an existing state match (Kaplan Elementary is beta site)

  • WIOA > Headstart

  • Property millage

  • Flex positions in spaces

  • Goal is to have 100% of children served, not the small % we are now (especially in economically challenged communities)

  • Look into the Healthy Moms comprehensive apporach

  • FQHCs on Campus

  • Offer Wrap Around Services

Action Items:

  1. Action Item: Sept. meeting we will workshop Goal #4 Continuous Learning

  2. Action Item: Sept. meeting we will build metrics around these themes for Goal #1-4

  3. Action Item: Invite EBRPSS leaders to OneRouge

  4. Action Item: Connect with Ready Start Network

E2C Aspirational Statement

Build a culture of quality instruction, lifelong learning, and equitable access to opportunity that makes success and prosperity inevitable

E2C Goals

  • Create a culture that values literacy and increases literacy rates.

  • Increase equitable access to safe learning spaces that encourage joy for learning at any level

  • Expand awareness and access to early childhood education

  • Increase opportunities for continuous learning

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