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The 9 Drivers of Poverty

OneRouge work will target all scales and spectrums of change—ranging from change in the individual to systemic change for the entire community. As the capital region adage goes: Through OneRouge Collective Impact, organizations and the constituencies they serve will be “stronger together.”

The Coalitions

Barriers of poverty are not only multi-faceted but are also interconnected. Each coalition surrounding the Driver of Poverty works with other coalitions to ensure a hollistic approach is maintained when creating effective change.

Capital Area Food Equity (CAFE) Coalition

Lack of access to foods to sustain a healthy life


Housing Coalition

Lack of homeownership and escalating rental costs

Launching soon

Representation Coalition

English proficiency and cultural differences

Launching soon

Education to Career Coalition

Lack of educational attainment


Teen Families Coalition

High teen birth rates

Launching soon

Public Safety Coalition

Growing number of neighborhoods in poverty

Launching soon

Transportation & Mobility Coalition

Access to affordable transportation


Equal Pay Coalition

High poverty rates and low wages for single mothers

Launching soon

Childhood Poverty Coalition

High number of households with children living in poverty

Launching soon

Our SUpporters

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